Friday, June 6, 2008

there shall be no title.

im only blogging because i is bored.
i watched 'passage to zarahemla' btw, awsome movie. i mean it, amazing. you mormons, go watch it. unless you already have.heck, you non mormons, go watch it. its that good.
what else did randomanna do today?
i read. i read some more.
i wrote some emails.
i pondered deep thoughts on my novel, wondring how in the name of starclan i was going to resolve a certain point. my cousin and friend, emmza, gave me some ideas, but with my writting, who knows?i let the ideas flow. i don't stick to a basic, already thought out plot. i know how it ends, i know how it starts, but what happens on the way, not even i know!
i think my characters do, but they haven't told me what comes next in their story in , what, a week? well, thismorning during photo, karanna told me part of the next chapter, but then se stopped. i swear, that cat (yes, karanna, i know you hate being called that, deal wit it) is so stuborn.
but anyway.
i rode my bike, i cleaned my--, no, i did not clean my room, oops, i should go to that. but this is more fun. i pet y kitty(lucy) and she licked my chicken bone....
i sat and stared out the window, at the trees,at the sky, at a humming bird, who i named pikachu.
then i thought happy thoughts about my new room, and all the bookshelfs its going to have. then i felt depressed, although i can't think why.
then i hugged big bear, and then on the comp,and here i sit, blogging.
im going to go now...i think i'l read, i'm too sleepy.

anyway, more later


Q said...

Maybe you should get a good idea of where your story is going before you keep writing. Keep your outline VERY flexible, but keep writing. If you have to skip to a part where you know where you're going, do it. Instead of waiting for your characters to tell you where they are, ask them questions, and have someone else ask YOU questions about your story, to help you see problems with your plot and characters. A good reader will see flaws that you won't.

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,
Thank you for your positive review of Passage to Zarahemla. You have been wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that there is a Passage to Zarahemla widget, and we would love for you to host it on your blog if you are interested. The widget contains the trailer, the making of the movie (great behind the scenes info), a link to the blog, a little about the movie, music that is downloadable, and a buy now option. A widget is a portable web application that you can very easily install on your blog. Do you think you would be interested in having this widget on your blog? Let me know and I will send you the link so that you can easily embed it. Thanks again for your review and hope to hear from you soon. (Please email me your response)

Alayna Ferrin
Public Relations
Cobalt Communications Group