Wednesday, September 9, 2009

weekly post

i posted! with stuff to say! i read the second hunger games. for anyone over the age of at least 14 who has not read it, go. read. it. now!!! it is awesome, if a bit creepy. the author is Suzanne Collins.
i tried to post a picture from the book here, but i failed... oh well! i discovered how to print Facebook Flair, so yay me.
i found some awesome stuff.
the librarians are my buds! i spent close to 30 min talking to the children's libarians yesterday. :)
ok, i'm gonna go do homework now.

Monday, August 31, 2009

hey, it has been less then a week!

woot, i made my goal!
ok, so...
i am starting school in 2 days...
and i wrote another page of daughter..
and my cat is getting fatter by the day
i discovered flair on facebook...
and i really have nothing more to say, so thats all for now

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

whats this? anna blogs?

hello, hello hello, it's always hello! and then good bye, good bye.

that was one of my fave lines, from the one act i was in a few weeks ago. ' Englsh made simple' it was fun!

so i'm back, and will try to blog weekly now! of course, i will also be keeping my room clean, and writing in my journal everyday, as well as doing homework, so some of my somewhat ambitiousness to lazy me resolutions will possibly get broken.

some updates on my life!
i will soon begin the 11th grade- i am only looking forward to this a little, because, as Nida puts it - school is school.

speaking of Nida- my character- i wrote yet another page of Daughter Of the Waves today. i hope to write at least that much every week, so today's accomplishment was very happy. although TCM accused me of basing Nida on myself, it was easy(ish) to deny such accusations- for one thing, i look nothing like Nida, and wouldn't want to, not really. for another, nida is a good artist, and a slow reader. for a third, she hardly ever speaks her mind- she is quiet. and lastly, she lacks an annoying brother. so there, tcm.

as most of you by now know, i am in a relationship, and loving every minute of it :)
last Saturday, Genun and i went to the church dance- Hawaiian themed, and had a blast. i even made leis for the occasion.

i am taking a Cert class- when i am done, i will be certified to help the community during catastrophes and disasters. i will be much better prepared for whatever might occur, and i will no what to do in many situations- not 'what to do ' as in 'wait for help'- but 'what to do' as in "be the 'help'". this is good, because i have a 'anything that can go wrong, might go wrong right this second' mindset. when the packing list says ' small first aid kit' i through in a monster of a kit with no less than 72 band aids, among other things. i am woried though, as even though bhs has have about 40 fire drills in the last two years, we have not had an earthquake drill...and experts agree that we are in for a big quake sooner rather than later.

i also discovered my hidden talent for making earring- a strange thing, seeing as my ears remain hole-les, an i cannot wear them. i am considering setting up an Etsy shop ( or getting mom to set one up for me) - opinion on this?

my room is clean! down to the last drawer. it feels good.

last but not least, the Anna Library is now open! thanks to Nicole, i now have a home library set- book cards and all. anyone who has my books( and has had them longer than a few weeks), let me know so i can record who has what! i believe several hard covers are floating around somewhere, and would hope to get them all back in one piece. one of the many Things of Importance, such as my character profile book- that have gone to missing items land, includes the notebook i used to keep track of book stuff!
thank you!

that's all for now
Anna Out

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

peacock feather

i lied. this has nothing to do with said peacock feather. at all.
it does concern a vague bit about camp, something i never thought i'd do, and my little pony with fangs.( aka, edward cullen)

camp was great- and fun. very fun. a 5th year, i had no over night hikes, just a 'short' one, in yosemite. very pretty. and the girls and leaders- we all floated down the merced river. i jumped of a bridge. we saw a bear. i wrote poems, and neglected my journal. robbie the toy mouse made friends.
more on camp later.

thing i never thought i'd do

i have a facebook. it was fun. i friended ppl. i became the 65th fan of Sarah beth durst.

my little pony with fangs.( aka, edward cullen) ( TWILIGHTERS< GO AWAY NOW!!!!)

i know i don't need to go into my twilight feelings. you all know them. if you don't, well, this should help!
here are the limericks i promised a month ago!

There once was a girl known as Bella,
Who fancied a pale-looking fella,
But they'd never have fun,
Coz when out in the sun,
He'd carry a bloody umbrella.

There once was a vampire named Cullen -
A boy so depressingly sullen...
So I hammered a stake
(When he wasn't awake)
In his heart, and then hammered his skull in!

Well vampires, we know, tend to dine
On blood and the like, that’s all fine –
But then, hold on a minute!
That’s bloody dumb, innit?
Since when do they sparkle and shine?!

that's all i got limerick wise, but now for the best part.
anyone no where i can get that shirt- the one that says ' and then buffy slayed Edward. the end"? cos this made me want one

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Extra, Extra, music in the mind, Drives girl insane! read all about it!

it is quite another to have them play over and over and over in your heard without being able to stop them, singing/whispering/humming along... and that is what i am doing.
it was never this 'bad' with 'les miz' and even the wonderful ' double digits' only stuck with me 2 days( i only saw it once, though)
by the way, if you search 'double digits' on you tube, 3 of the songs/scenes have started to appear! you can now watch the songs ' oh no!' ' limbo/butterfly' and 'rejected' with their scenes. how cool is that? more will be comming soon i hope.

back to what i was saying, Newsies has taken over my mind! i know OWN it on DVD, and have memorized two of the songs. " Seize the day' and 'Once and for all'( you can see the songs on youtube, although the quality is bad)

so if you hear me huming random tunes or saying something about 'five thousand fists in the sky' or 'proud and defiant, we'll slay the giant' or something about 'santa Fe' the know that it comes from Newsies.
i've seen it, oh, half a dozen times. and a pic of david is my phone's wallpaper( from the Seize the Day scene, no less)
now to get Once and For all as my ring tone.. hee hee

Carrying the Banner!
Anna Out